Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mad For Maxi Dresses

Hi there!

Today I had plans to go to a church event after work, and I wanted to wear something nice for it. I also didn't know how much time I'd have after work to change, so I wanted to pick something out that I could wear all day long. The result was this dress!

Cami Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013) // Dress Goodwill: Enfocus Studio // Cardigan H&M (Spring 2012) // Earrings Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, $1.99) // Sandals I can't remember :(

I love maxi dresses! They are simple to wear, and they are so comfortable. When I wear one, I basically feel like I'm wearing pajamas, but it looks like I'm a little dressed up--and that's what counts! ;)  A few months ago, I didn't know if maxi dresses would be considered "office-appropriate" enough to wear at my job, but once I began seeing other women wear them to work, I realized they're OK!

I also wore these earrings from Charlotte Russe. Their color highlights the light purple splashes in the pattern of my dress. These earrings were on clearance for $1.99! I had been eying them all spring, and when I saw them on sale a few weeks ago, I couldn't resist making them mine.

I won't show you a close up of my shoes because they're pretty worn out! I think they must be at least 5 years old. They are black gladiator sandals with studs. I don't even remember where I got them, and I can't find a brand name anywhere, but I love them! In my experience, it's hard to find affordable sandals that last longer than one summer, so I plan on holding on to this pair until they fall apart!

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