Sunday, June 22, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Things About Not Having a Cell Phone

Hi there!

If you follow me on Instagram (@KatiesStyleProject), you've probably noticed I've been MIA lately.

Here's the deal--while I was in yoga class 12 days ago (yes, I counted), meditating on eating a grilled cheese for dinner, somebody, somehow, broke the lock on my locker and stole my brand new Samsung Galaxy 5 S.  I'd had the phone for a total of 3 weeks. Insert sad face here.

I am grateful that nothing else valuable was in my locker, and they only thing the culprit got away with was my phone. However, I still feel violated and mad as heck that somebody had the audacity to break my lock in broad daylight and take something that didn't belong to them.

But Katie, didn't you have a lock pad on it?

Well, what about one of those "tracking apps"?

AND they took my Otterbox phone cover. That's another $50.

C'est la vie.

I thought it would be super difficult to go without a phone. I mean, I know people have gone without phones for thousands of years, but I've constantly had one in my hand since I was 16 years old and don't know a thing about making smoke signals.

That first day, I kept wanting to grab it and check it for new text messages or Facebook notifications--not that I would usually have any--but that didn't last long. Soon, not having a phone constantly by my side felt. . . .freeing.

I'm dragging my feet at shelling out a $200 insurance deductible for something I just bought, so no, I haven't replaced it yet. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Things About Not Having a Cell Phone:

1.I have so much extra time on my hands.
Since I'm not spending all of my free time lurking on social media sites, I have so much extra time to read books. I finished Divergent and now I'm working on Ender's Game. And I'm flying through the stack of untouched magazines piled by my bed. I used to finish reading them the day they came in the mail, but lately I've been tossing them under my nightstand. I'd forgotten how much I love Glamour!

I've also been cooking almost every night. And baking. Oh the baking. Homemade chocolate chip scones. Glazed strawberry muffins. Even Michael joined the bandwagon and baked the most delicious cinnamon bread I've ever had. I have a feeling that once I do replace my phone, Michael is going to hide it whenever he gets hungry. ;)

Also, I've been watching Gossip Girl. I will finish this series some day. I will!

2. Uninterrupted quality time with my husband.
Michael hates smart phones. He is a flip-phone guy all the way, and now I am starting to see his side. It's been pretty freaking awesome to watch movies or cook dinner or have a conversation together without being distracted by my phone buzzing and lighting up. I feel much more "present" at home. (And running errands. And sitting at red lights. And with a group of friends. And--you get the picture.)

3. I'm more focused.
Whether it's working on my Bible Study or at my job, I am much more focused and comprehend information much better. I also work much faster! I know what you're thinking--Ummmm really girl? Just put your darn phone away while you're doing something important. I had a bad habit of bringing it out if I was slightly disinterested in what I was doing. 

4. It's a lot harder to compare myself to people online if I'M not online.
I've realized how much of my time was wasted comparing myself to successful women online!  As much as I hate to admit it, it's a trap that I easily fall into over and over again. Clothes, makeup, travel, food. . .I have a tendency to think the grass is greener everywhere else. Newsflash: It isn't! Without easy access to social media and websites I've
a) wasted less time being non-productive looking at what other (productive) women are doing
b) spent 0 time making myself feel bad for being somebody I'm not
c) had more time actually living my own life!

5. Call me crazy, but I actually LIKE I can't be easily reached.
I don't know how to describe it really, but I kind of like the fact that I can't be "easily found". I'm doing my thing, without feeling obligated to return a phone call or text.

Oh, and the ache I've had in my right wrist? That's magically disappeared. My guess is from no texting. :)

I was planning on ordering a new phone this weekend, but ended up needing to get my car a new tire instead. It looks like I'll have to wait a little bit longer. I'm not mad at it. :)

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great week!

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