Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bye Bye, Boot-ays!

Hi there!

Tomorrow is Friday WOOHOOOO!

The weather is warming up and it's absolutely gorgeous outside!! I'm getting spring fever, and am having a hard time staying in the office all day! Today I snuck out in the middle of the day just to take a walk outside around the building. Sunshine. Fresh air. A cool breeze. It's Spring! We gotta enjoy it while we can because triple digit temperatures will be here before we can say "yellow polka dot bikini!"

I love spring time in Phoenix (can you tell?), but I have a hard time giving up wearing boots! I find it a lot easier to incorporate boots into work outfits than sandals. I tried to sneak them in one last time, but my poor calves couldn't breathe by the end of the day.

Bye bye, Boot-ays! Enjoy your hibernation in the back of my closet!

Top Charlotte Russe | Dress H&M | Belt Zara | Necklace Forever 21 | Boots Target

I bought my chambray top at Charlotte Russe [on sale of course ;)] last year, and I have definitely gotten use out of it! Not only is it missing one of it's buttons, but the some of the small studs that decorate both shoulders have fallen off. I can sew a button back on, but I'm not so sure about replacing the embellishments. To hide both of these little issues, I have been using it as a layering piece. Problem solved!

Thank you so much for reading!! :)

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