Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hi there!

Happy Halloween! I made "Candy Corn" Rice Krispie Treats for the office potluck today! They were fun to make, and yummy to eat! (I used the recipe from Glorious Treats!)

My attempt to put together a Halloween costume last minute turned out to be an epic fail! Plan B was trying to wear Halloween-ish colors. This is what I came up with:

Dress Goodwill: Kay Unger New York ($7.50) // Belt Goodwill // Cardigan H&M (Spring 2012) // Shoes DSW: Jessica Simpson (Summer 2013) // Bracelets Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, $3 for a pack of 4 during "Happy Hour")

The dress is coral, but it's the closest thing to orange that I have! The white detail at the top kind of looks like a spider web though, right? If you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side? ;)

I can't believe the 1st day of November is tomorrow already! Where has the time gone??

Thank you for reading!! :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Peter Pan and Leopard Spots

Hi there!

Good news! For the rest of the year, all employees in my department at work are allowed to wear jeans everyday! Yippee! ;) Most of the tops I wear will still look cute with a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt. Even if I'm wearing jeans (and even though my boss said yoga pants count as "jeans"), I still want to look "office appropriate" and share these looks with you on my blog.

Today I wore a new over-sized sweater I bought recently from Charlotte Russe! It's so comfy!!

Sweater Charlotte Russe (Fall 2013, $24.99) // Collared shirt (underneath) H&M (Fall 2012) // Jeans Kohl's: SO ($8, 50% off + Coupon) // Boots Weat Seal

Underneath my sweater, I wore a white shirt with a sequined Peter Pan collar to add some sparkle to my look. Peter Pan collars were everywhere last Fall, and to be honest, I'm not seeing them nearly as much this year! This is obviously not keeping me from breaking it out of my closet!

Tomorrow is Halloween! I almost considered wearing this sweater tomorrow with some leopard cat ears and (possibly) a tail to wear as my "costume"! However, I decided that no, this sweater is not meant to be a costume! Leopard print is a now I have no idea what to wear for Halloween. I have the rest of the night to figure it out--and to make some yummy treats for tomorrow's potluck! I'll post a picture of them on my blog tomorrow if they turn out pretty. :)

Thank you for reading!! :)

3 Outfits 1 Post

Hi there!

Oh my, I have a few outfits to show you today! My computer is still not functioning properly (boo), and I haven't figured out an efficient way to transfer pictures from my camera straight to my tablet. I've been taking pictures of my outfits on my phone instead, and uploading them on Instagram. The quality isn't quite the same, but it gets the job done!

On Saturday, my girlfriends and I saw Billy Currington at the state fair! It was soooo much fun, and he's a great performer to see live! Of course, I had to dress a little "country" to see Billy! The only thing my outfit was missing was a cowboy hat!

Shirt American Eagle (Summer 2009) // Cami Wet Seal // Jeans Kohl's: SO (Summer 2013, $8 50% off + Coupon) // Boots Wet Seal (2009)

Plaid is a hot trend right now, especially with a grunge-y, 90's look! That is obviously not the look I was going for here haha but I might style this shirt that way in the future!

On Sunday, my husband and I were given tickets to the Cardinals game (and we won!) We were not expecting to receive the tickets, so I was not dressed for the game whatsoever! It was a great surprise though! :)

On Monday, I wore one of the shirts I picked up from Goodwill last week!

Shirt Goodwill: Banana Republic ($5.99) // Cardigan H&M (Spring 2012) // Skirt with belt Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Shoes DSW: Tahari (Winter 2013)

I love the vibrant green color of this shirt! I also love that I only paid $5.99 for it! ;)

I wore another Goodwill find on Tuesday as well!

Sweater Goodwill: Gap ($5.99) // Sweater and Bow Ring Wet Seal // Pants H&M (Spring 2012) // Flats Adrienne Vittadini (Winter 2013)

"Sweater Weather" has officially arrived!

Thank you for reading!! :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Casual Friday 10/25

Hi there!

Today was a long day at work, and I only managed to snap one picture of my outfit today! Here it is!

Top H&M (Spring 2012) // Cami Charlotte Russe // Cardigan Wet Seal (2009-ish) // Jeans Macy's: Silver Jeans Co. (Spring 2013) // Shoes Old Navy

I love this top I got from H&M last year. Why should a girl have to choose between her leopard print and her bow? ;) Since it's black and white, any color cardigan would look good over it! I chose this maroon color for Fall. It's actually a size too big, and is super cozy! I don't even know how many years I've had these flats from Old Navy. I love their quilted stitching!

I sure am thankful it's the weekend! What are your plans?

Thank you for reading! :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leopard Print and Layers of Lace

Hi there!

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work, Katy Perry's song "Roar" was in my head. I decided to match my outfit to the song! I don't have a Tiger costume, but I do have a leopard print shirt!

Top Georgiou (Summer 2013, storewide BOGO 1/2 off) // Cardigan H&M (Spring 2012) // Necklace and bracelets Charlotte Russe (Fall 2013, $10.99, $3 ) // Skirt Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Shoes DSW: Jessica Simpson (Summer 2013)

I love how the orange necklace pops against the leopard print! It "roars"! ;)

Keeping the leopard print top buttoned up to my neck kept the shirt appropriate enough for work, and pairing it with the bright necklace made the outfit fun!

After work, I went to my friend's place and we watched "The 5 Year Engagement". It was my first time seeing it, and I love it! It's such a cute little love story! Plus, I think Jason Segal is just hilarious.

Today I wore a very girly outfit. Layers of lace. Ruffles. Pearls. Bows. Sparkles. Pink. The 10 year old tomboy in me was screaming "Nooooo!" ;)

Today is October 24, and the high was NINETY DEGREES. When it's that warm, the best thing to layer is some lightweight lace!

I love matching pink and navy blue together. They complement each other very well.

After work today, Michael and I went to the Gelato Spot (pumpkin spice gelato is where it's at!!!!), and stopped by the local Goodwill. We didn't stay very long, and I had some luck! I got these 3 tops, $5.99 each:

Banana Republic // Gap // Old Navy

What shops do you recommend thrifting at?

Thank you for reading!! :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Copying Myself

Hi there!

So today, I will admit, I basically copied the formula of what I wore on Sunday! But you know what? If it works, it works! ;)

Dress Nordstrom Rack (2011) // Sweater American Eagle (borrowed) // Belt Goodwill (belts are always super cheap here!) // Boots Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, $7.99 Clearance)

See? Pretty much the same thing as Sunday. I am loving cinching a cardigan over a dress and adding a scarf. It is seriously so cozy! Plus, the temperature is still in the 80s here, so this way I feel like I'm layering for Fall without getting too warm when I'm outside! :)

I love wearing red and blue together! :)

I have to go now or I'll be late to my Small Group!

Thank you for reading!! :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Hi there!

I've been having technical difficulties with my laptop all weekend! It's still not working, so I'm going to try blogging from my tablet! It's not quite as typing-friendly, so please forgive any errors. ;)

Here's a roundup of my outfits from the weekend!


Shirt, cami, necklace, and cardigan Wet Seal (old) // Jeans Macy's: Silver Jeans Co. (Spring 2013) // Shoes Target (Winter 2013, $3 Clearance)


Michael and I went to the State Fair on Saturday! 

It was beautiful outside, and we saw lots of neat things and ate lots of good food. . .like this frozen banana covered in sprinkles! :)


On Sunday, I went to a Baby Shower for a set of very tiny, very precious twins!

I also finally, finally successfully completed a fishtail braid! ;)

Dress Forever 21 (old) // Sweater American Eagle (borrowed) // Belt Goodwill // Leggings Rue 21 (2009) // Boots Wet Seal (2009?) // Bag and Earrings Francesca's Collections (Spring 2012) // Scarf Gift

Thank you for reading!! :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trend Alert: Ace Bandages

Hi there!

My knee is feeling a whole lot better, but I still had to wear an Ace bandage around it today! (I was almost wishing I owned a brooch or something that I could pin into the bandage to dress it up a little bit. :P) What do you do when you have a big, beige piece of fabric hanging off of your leg? Wear a dress that matches it, of course!

 Dress Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Cardigan and Belt H&M (Spring 2012) // Necklace and Bracelets Charlotte Russe (Fall 2013) // Shoes DSW: Adrienne Vittadini (Winter 2013)

I bought the necklace last night from Charlotte Russe! I am obsessed with its gorgeous color! I thought it would be the perfect necklace to brighten up the colors of this beige dress. For the office, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit neutral with a bright necklace like this (besides my bright blue fingernails, of course)!

I used a pale pink lipstick so my lips didn't clash with the necklace either!

I wore gold bracelets that complemented the necklace. I have never been a fan of gold jewelry until lately. I don't know what changed my mind, but I am absolutely loving it!

Thank you for reading!! :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Girls Night Out" Event!

Hi there!

Tonight, I went to a "Girls Night Out" hosted at a local mall with my friend, Megan! [Check out her Youtube channel at Pretty Colorful Videos for beauty, makeup, and other awesomeness!! :)] We entered a couple of raffles, met Meagan from Scarletta Bakes, ate yummy brown sugar cookies, and, of course, did some shopping! I bought a black leather jacket and oversized sweater from Charlotte Russe that I can't wait to wear!

Sweater Forever 21 (Old) // Jeans Macy's: Silver Jeans Co (Winter 2013) // Moccasins DSW: Minnetonka ($7.96, Clearance + 2 Member "Rewards" Coupons // Bracelet Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013)

I wanted to dress up and wear a cute dress because, you know, the event was called "Girls Night Out". Well, remember Monday when I complained about my knee? Yeah, I'm rocking an Ace bandage around it right now. I am so thankful that I was able to go out tonight at all, but I wasn't thrilled at the idea of wearing a dress with my knee wrap showing. I ended up wearing some loose jeans and a sweater. This isn't my favorite outfit, but that's OK. I've had this sweater from Forever 21 for years! I have no idea when I bought it, but it's one of my favorite sweaters in my closet!

Since I didn't get very dressed up, I decided I wanted to do my hair. The only problem is. . .I am miserable with hair. I attempted to do a fishtail braid about 5 times before I went to my fallback hairstyle:

Voila! This takes about 2 seconds total.

Since my hair was pulled back, the buttons on the shoulder of my sweater were able to show. It's a small detail but is one of my favorite parts of this top!

And to finish the look? Well, you know what they say. . .the best accessory a girl can have is her smile. ;) I was just so happy I was able to go out tonight! I was really considering going to urgent care yesterday, and I am so grateful that my knee is feeling much better today! :)

What hairstyles do you do on the go? I will take any tips! I would really love to learn how to style my hair. :)

Thank you for reading!! :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ladylike in Pink

Hi there!

I felt pretty "ladylike" in the dress I wore to work today!

Dress Francesca's Collections (Fall 2012) // Cardigan Goodwill: J. Crew ($2.99!!) // Necklace Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013) // Shoes Target (Winter 2013, $3 Clearance)

I got this J. Crew sweater from Goodwill for only $2.99! Can you believe it?! J. Crew is one of my favorite designers and pink is my favorite color (obvi), and even thought it was 110 degrees outside when I found it, I just had to have it! I've been waiting for months for it to cool down enough to wear it. :) 

Sometimes while thrifting, you'll find things that are "out of season", but if you find something for a great price that you just know you'll wear once it's warm/cool/whatever enough, then I say just buy it!

I love the buttons on this sweater!

Thank you for reading!! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Stripes and Cannolis

Hi there!

I'm currently sitting on the couch with my leg elevated and covered in ice. Yesterday I went for that awesome hike, and my knee felt a little funny afterwards. That didn't stop me from going on my run this morning, which made it hurt a little more. And then I went to yoga and, well, I've been limping the rest of the day. I guess that's what I get for not listening to my knee when it was feeling funny last night!

 Blazer Target (Winter 2013) // Top Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Pants H&M (Spring 2012) // Shoes Wet Seal (2007-ish??) // Necklace Gift // Watch Gift

Monday night is our "Date Night", and we decided to go to Nick's! It's an Italian restaurant, and we loved it! It has a really laid-back, cozy atmosphere, and the food was delicious! Michael had his first cannoli too! (Mmmmmm I already want another one!)

To get ready for dinner, I switched out my pants for a skirt, and traded my heels for flats! I was really regretting wearing heels to work after my yoga class when my knee was really bugging me, so the flats were some sweet relief. 

Skirt Wet Seal (2009-ish) // Shoes DSW: Adrienne Vittadini (Winter 2013)

Thank you for reading!! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Did the Weekend Go?!

Hi there!

Every Sunday night I have to ask myself. . .where did the weekend go?!

Chambray Top Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, $10) // Striped Top Nordstrom Rack (Summer 2011) // Cami Charlotte Russe // Jeans Kohl's: SO (Summer 2013, $8 50% off + coupon) // Boots and Scarf Wet Seal (2009-ish) // Watch Gift 

Friday night after work, I went to dinner at Four Peaks to celebrate my friend Hannah's birthday! Whoooo! :)

On Saturday, Michael and I went to Rock Springs to get some lunch and a slice of their famous pie! I chose chocolate cream pie and oh man, it was good.

I have a strong dislike/fear of birds (the whole feathers and flying thing just weirds me out), but for some reason, I decided to buy this bird print dress from H&M last year. It really makes no sense, but I consider it a baby step towards facing my fear. ;)

 Dress H&M (Fall 2012) // Cardigan American Eagle // Leggings Rue 21 // Boots Wet Seal (2009-ish) // Bracelets Charlotte Russe (Fall 2013, $3 for pack of 4 during "Happy Hour")

After lunch, we finished our wedding shadow box frame that we've been working on for the past few weeks! We made it completely from scratch using wood we bought from Home Depot! (Michael taught me how to use a saw hehe) It holds our vows and cake topper, and my veil, bouquet, and hair barrettes!

This morning after church, I went on my first hike of the season with my sister, Amy! Ahhhh I really, really love hiking! I always get antsy this time of year waiting for the weather to finally become cool enough to go out hiking! We did a total of 3 miles, and while it was tiring, it felt great! We also went shopping and got some frozen yogurt. Basically, all of my favorite things rolled into one day. :)

Dress Francesca's Collections (Winter 2013) // Necklace Etsy: JGirlsJewels (Winter 2013, $17) // Belt Goodwill // Boots Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, $7.99 Clearance)

No, I did not wear this hiking. :P

It's Columbus Day weekend, and I know there were a bunch of sales going on! I didn't end up buying anything, but did you have any luck shopping this weekend?

Thank you for reading!! :)