Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another Use for Bobby Pins

Last month I bought a cute white dress from Nordstrom that doesn't look like anything I've ever owned! I ordered it online (for 40% off, btw), and when it came in the mail I thought it was super pretty but was a little surprised at the length of it. It wasn't too terribly short, but it was borderline at the length I would wear to my office (which has a super casual dress code, just to be clear!)

One thing I like about this dress is it has a built-in slip, so it is not sheer at all. When I wear white, I am always a little worried about the fabric being too sheer, but I have nothing to worry about with the slip.

Well, the next time I washed my dress, the outer fabric shrank and became too short for me to wear as a dress. Even worse is now the outer fabric is considerably shorter than the slip underneath! Having your slip stick out a good half inch from under your dress is not a classy look. ;)

I didn't want to hem my dress because I can't tell if the fabric really shrank, or if the already crinkly material just became extra crinkly in the wash.

I didn't want to iron the dress because. . .well I never want to iron anything ever. Plus, the crinkly material is so thin, I was afraid to ruin it if I tried ironing it.

 My solution? Make a temporary hem using safety pins. . .except I didn't have very many safety pins. What I did have, in bountiful supply? Bobby pins!

 I really didn't know if the bobby pins would last all day since they're not meant to hold fabric, but they worked perfectly! You couldn't see them through my dress, and I couldn't feel them at all while wearing them.

This didn't solve my problem of my dress being too short, so I tried wearing it as a tunic instead. I didn't expect to like how it looked with jeans, but I actually loved the outcome! This whole day was just full of surprises. :)

Anyways, I'm going to try washing and drying it again (why didn't I just do that the first time?) I'm hoping that if I don't let it sit in the dryer this time, the dress won't be so crinkly and will hang at its original length. I'll keep you posted! ;)

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