Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hula's Modern Tiki

Tonight, I met my friend Sarah for dinner at Hula's Modern Tiki. It was so fun! The restaurant is Hawaiian themed (if the name doesn't make that obvious haha). I haven't traveled much lately, so it was nice to pretend to get away, even for a few hours. ;)

I ate Hawaiian Lobster Bisque and Crispy Coconut Shrimp Rolls that came with a delicious pineapple horseradish sauce - yum!

We thought we might do a little bit of shopping after dinner, but somehow we had been talking at our table for a full 3 hours before we realized what time it was! That tends to happen whenever we get together. :)


Dolce Gabbana cotton dress
$2,390 -

Dolce Vita suede shoes

Hand bag

Banana Republic pineapple earrings

Karen Walker cat-eye glasses

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