Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Pinks

Hi there! :) It's been a fun couple of days. I am loving this Spring weather!

On Sunday, we drove about 2 hours North East of us to spend the day near Payson! More specifically, we went to Bear Flat, AZ - population 18 people. (Google it.) Michael carried Lincoln in our Bjorn Baby Carrier, and we hiked along Tonto Creek. This was my first time here, and I was surprised to find there wasn't actually a trail. It was more like Michael leading me as we navigated our way over/around big rocks. It made me nervous to have Lincoln with us, but Michael carried him like a pro! There wasn't any shade where we stopped, so Michael built us a mini-fort out of tree branches, and Lincoln was having a blast being outside. He loved watching the flowing water, and was fascinated feeling the smooth boulders and gravelly dirt. He would stick out his pointer finger and gently scratch at the surfaces - it was the cutest thing! By some miracle, he fell asleep on the bouncy hike back to the car.

Yesterday after work, Michael suggested we try out this pizza place he really wanted to try - Jet's Pizza. It's about 30 minutes away, and it's out of our norm to travel this far during a weeknight but I said let's go for it! When we got there, we discovered that the pizza place was take-out only. It is not actually a restaurant you can eat at. hahaha We sat on a bench near the counter for 20 minutes for our pizza. Once we got our pizza, we were both SO hungry and didn't want to drive all the way home and let the pizza get cold, so I suggested we eat it at a nearby park. Luckily, we still had a blanket in the car from our Payson trip, so we sat on the blanket while Lincoln rolled around and played as we watched the sunset. It was completely unexpected, and SO much fun - I love it when that happens! :D
 On a different note, here's a collection of spring accessories I've had my eye on lately! Clearly, I have a thing for pinks! ;)

Spring Pinks

Puma silver sneaker

Sam edelman sandals

Mar y Sol pink purse

Clare V leopard purse

BaubleBar drop earrings
$51 - bloomingdales.com

Ray Ban ray ban aviator
$150 - stylebop.com

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