Monday, January 13, 2014

The Time I Tried On Red Pants

Hi there!

Raise your hand if you're dreaming of a vacation! A tropical destination, maybe? I've been dreaming of sand between my toes while feeling the ocean breeze through my hair, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, I'll be wearing floral-patterned blouses and cropped pants, ready to be whisked off to the beach at the drop of a hat! (Speaking of hats, I really wish I had a wide-brimmed black hat to complete this look. Oh well, I went hatless today!)

Top Zara ($19.99) // Cami Charlotte Russe // Bottoms Zara ($19.99) // Flats DSW: Adrienne Vittadini (last seen here) // Bracelet and Ring Forever 21 ($6.80 and $1.80) // Bag Francesca's 

Zara was having a huge sale this weekend! That is where I bought both this top and pair of cropped pants. The top was originally $35.90 and the bottoms were $59.90, but I scored both for $19.99 each. Woohoo! :) I don't know how long this sale will be lasting, but if you are a Zara fan (or just a fan of big sales), check out their website soon!

I have wanted to own a pair of colored pants for the past few years. Not just any color, though. I wanted a pair of red pants. Cherry red, to be exact. However, I've never even had the courage to try on a pair! I had convinced myself I wouldn't be able to pull them off.

When I found these at Zara, I thought to myself "you know what, why not?? It's the beginning of a new year--time to get out of my comfort zone a little bit and take some fashion 'risks'!" As soon as I had them on in the fitting room, I was dreaming up all of the possible outfits I can create with these pants mixed with what's already in my closet! What trends do you want to try? I encourage you to go for it! Don't wait as long as I did to try on a pair of red pants. . .or whatever it is you're curious to try. You just might be as surprised as I was. :)

Thank you for reading! Have a good week! :)


  1. I used to be afraid of colored pants but they are one of my newest loves! Especially since this winter is so cold I am reaching for pants and colored pants have really helped me not get bored.

    1. Yes, definitely! I can't wait to try new colors!! :)

  2. I am so wishing for warmer weather! Love this floral top with your red pants!