Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catch Up

Hi there!

Whoooops! It's been almost a week since I posted! I got busy for a couple of days, and I guess that's all it took to break my blogging habit. I haven't even been taking pictures of my outfits. . .eeeek! I do have a few to share with you from the past few days. I also need to catch up on my "Days of Thanksgiving"!


OK, I have no outfit to show. Ooof, this is off to a rough start.

I am thankful for. . . .my friends! Both old and new. :) I got to see some of them Friday night, and they just make me happy! I appreciate our time spent together, especially now that it takes effort to see one another instead of just bumping into each other in class/on campus! I'm thankful for new friends I've made this year, and for old friends that have recently come back into my life! :)


Woohoo I have a picture to share! You've seen this shirt before though.

Shirt Georgiou // Cami Wet Seal // Jeans Kohl's: SO // Shoes DSW: Adrienne Vittadini // Wristlet Charming Charlie's

What you haven't seen is this awesome wristlet my sister bought me from Charming Charlie's! It was on clearance for $6.99, and is perfect for running errands when I don't want to carry a purse. (I have this issue where I only buy huge purses. And sometimes they get in the way when sorting through clothing racks while shopping. And they're heavy and horrible for your shoulders and back. But small purses scare me. Just like black socks.) 

It's technically supposed to hold an iPhone in it as well, but my big ol' Droid doesn't fit in the phone pocket. It took some maneuvering, and some foam, but I managed to use to iPhone pocket to hold my keys instead!

I am thankful for. . . .shopping for clothes for my best friend even when she is thousands of miles away! Shannon moved to Thailand last summer, and she wasn't able to stuff her suitcase with enough clothing to last her for two years! Her mom and I got together on Saturday to do some thrift shopping for some cute clothing that we could ship to her! It was so much fun shopping for Shannon. It was almost like she was with us! :) (AND I like the fact that I got to pick out what she'll be wearing. Mwhahahaha, get ready girlfriend.)


Long live maxi skirts!

Chambray top Charlotte Russe // T-shirt and Belt Wet Seal // Necklace Etsy: JGirlsJewels // Skirt and Sandals Target // Bag Francesca's Collections 

I am thankful for. . .the fact that exactly one year ago from Sunday, Michael proposed! I am also thankful that I said yes! ;)


Shirt Goodwill (no tag, $4.99) // Jeans American Eagle // Boots Wet Seal // Earrings Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013)

I am thankful for. . .my sister, Amy! I am always thankful for her sass and common sense (she got the common sense gene in the family), but Monday I was especially thankful for her because she bought me this purse and adorable pair of earrings from Francesca's!

The cat is just the cherry on top! 

I showed her this purse when I saw a picture of it featured on Francesca's Instagram, and now I can call it mine! And these earrings? Love! I had a similar pair that Michael gave me for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago, but they unfortunately got stepped on and the backs of each earring broke off. :( Now I can wear these!


No picture, but I wore what I like to call my "Robin Hood Outfit" (see previous blog post).

I am thankful for. . . .my Bible study that meets on Tuesday nights! I'd been feeling anxious and grouchy the past few days, but I felt so encouraged and full of joy on my drive home after meeting with this group! I am so thankful I was led to this group of wonderful ladies this fall, and I am thankful for the Word that we study together!


Again, no picture. Technically I could go take a picture of myself right now, but I'm really not a fan of what I'm wearing. So. . . .yeah.

Today I am thankful for. . .a night of relaxation! I am the first to admit I like to keep myself busy, but tonight I don't have any plans and I don't have anything that urgently needs to be done (besides blogging, of course)! I have to admit, it's pretty nice to veg out on the couch and type this while I eat vanilla ice cram topped with peppermint white chocolate M&Ms and listen to Kelly Clarkson's new Christmas album. I had told myself I would hold off from anything "Christmas-y" until after Thanksgiving. Apparently I am a big fat liar. After this, I'm going to catch up on watching videos from some of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus!

OK, I'll try to be better about posting the rest of the week! :)

Thank you for reading!! :)

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