Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hanging with the Boys

Hi there!

So I'm totally listening to Christmas music again. . .what can I say? I'm not even sorry.

Remember yesterday when I said I have no plans today? I still don't, but for whatever reason, I got all "done up" this morning like I had somewhere to go. We're talking little black dress, sparkly flats, and red lipstick. I've been having fun experimenting with makeup and hair lately, so I had a blast doing it but when I was done I just kind of looked at myself in the mirror like. . .now what?

Dress Goodwill // Flats Target (Winter 2013, $3 Clearance) // Earrings Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, Clearance)

I think I've posted this dress on my blog before. I still love it! I got it from Goodwill and there is no tag attached to it. It doesn't look like there ever was a tag. You know how when you cut a tag off, there's some stitching leftover and it's obvious there used to be a tag there? This dress doesn't even have that. It could be handmade, for all I know. It is the comfiest dress though. It feels like a nighty ahhhhh! I usually only buy fitted dresses that cinch at my waist because those tend to be more flattering. This dress is very loose-fitting, but I love it! It's also really easy to wear because the studded design at the neckline acts as a "Lazy Girl's Necklace".

I chose to wear these purple earrings with it simply because I wanted to wear them, but they really weren't necessary with this dress.

I even tried curling my hair this morning! Can you tell? I'm terrible with a curling iron, but this morning I decided it's about stinkin' time I learn how to use one so I dug out the curling iron I got for Christmas last year (and have used a total of two times). My curls weren't perfect, but I started getting the hang of it. There's hope for me yet!

Where did I go today with my curled hair and black dress? I went with Michael and our friend Brandon to lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and Wal-Mart. Yes, ladies and gentleman, my biggest destination today was Wal-Mart. It is what it is. Both of the guys were wearing their usual attire of cargo shorts and a t-shirt, so I looked a little out of place. If you know me and Michael though, you know that I'm used to that. ;)

Hopefully, we're going out to see Thor tonight too! :)

Today I am thankful for. . . .
  • The weekend! Finally! Finallyyyy!
  • The gorgeous weather today! It's absolutely perfect outside!
  • Forgiveness. I am doing one of Beth Moore's Bible studies about David (I so, so recommend it!!), and this morning's chapter was about forgiveness. I won't go into details, but it's been in the back of my head as I've been writing this post (some days, I just feel like the message is talking directly to me, ya know?). I am thankful for the forgiveness we have received, and I am thankful for the freedom that accompanies forgiving others!

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