Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pink and Navy Blue

Hi there!

I love the way pink and navy blue complement each other, don't you?

Top, Sweater, and Cami Wet Seal (Old) // Necklace Nordstrom (Fall 2012) // Jeans American Eagle // Shoes The Cinnamon Stick: Tom's (Summer 2012, Clearance)

This white top is also nice to wear without any type of sweater or cover over it. The back of it has an unexpected floral design that makes this a fun top to wear on warm summer days!

It's November though, so I definitely kept my lacy blue sweater on throughout the day. I love how this blue sweater looks with this fun pink necklace I picked up from Nordstrom last year! :)

Today I am thankful for. . .
  • The baptisms at my church this morning. I am always excited to watch new Christians become baptized, and this morning was no different! Listening to their testimonies was giving me goosebumps!
  • Getting to spend time with my sister today! We went out to lunch, and she came over to my apartment to do homework while I kept myself busy with other things. Not the most exciting day we've ever spent together, but I am always thankful for days I get to see her!
  • Talking to my best friend via video chat! She moved to Thailand in August, and I am so thankful that technology allows us to talk "face to face" even when we are thousands of miles apart! :)
Thank you for reading!! :)

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