Thursday, November 7, 2013

(un)Fall Colors

Hi there!

Today I wore some very (un)Fall colors, but I think bright, cheerful colors are meant to be worn year round!

Top Macy's: Degrees (Winter 2013) // Cami Wet Seal // Necklace Charming Charlie (Summer 2013, gift--$13.00 with matching earrings) // Jeans American Eagle // Shoes The Cinnamon Stick: Toms (Summer 2012, Sale)

I wore some hot pink lipstick to match my necklace!

I love how the blue, green, and pink look so fun together! I also love the pretty detail in the shoulders of this top! I didn't happen to take a picture that shows it very well, but the shoulder area has some delicate stitching that caught my eye at Macy's earlier this year.


Today I am thankful for. . . .
  • I used up my gas points from Fry's and paid $2.47 a gallon for gas! I am always thankful for an opportunity to save some money! ;)
  • Speaking of saving money, Michael suggested we try out Humble Pie for dinner tonight. We had no idea that on Thursdays they have a Date Night special (an appetizer, 2 salads, and a pizza for $20)! I am thankful we happened to come in on a Thursday of all days. :)
Thank you for reading!! :)

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