Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keeping It Simple

Hi there!

Like my outfit today, this post is going to be sweet and simple. ;)

Top Goodwill: Pretty Good // Scarf Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, Sale) // Pants Macy's: Silver Jeans Co. (Winter 2013) // Boots Wet Seal (2009)

I am definitely still enjoying the fact that we can wear jeans at work for the rest of the year! :) Today I wanted to let this pretty scarf be the center of attention. I wore it with this super soft shirt I picked up from Goodwill!

Later this evening, Michael and I are meeting up with some of my coworkers for a baseball game (We have baseball teams that go year-round. Who knew?! ), so I wanted to wear something comfortable and casual for the baseball game that I could easily wear with a jacket  to keep warm.

 I bought this jacket from Forever 21 a few years ago! I love the color of it (which I realized today is the exact same shade as the nail polish I am wearing right now. Sweet!)


Today I am thankful for. . . .
  • This beautiful weather we are having right now! According to my phone app, the high today was 77 degrees! 77 degrees and bright blue skies is my idea of perfect weather! :)
  • Somebody at work brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies. Hello favorite food! :)
Thank you for reading!! :)

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