Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Peter Pan and Leopard Spots

Hi there!

Good news! For the rest of the year, all employees in my department at work are allowed to wear jeans everyday! Yippee! ;) Most of the tops I wear will still look cute with a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt. Even if I'm wearing jeans (and even though my boss said yoga pants count as "jeans"), I still want to look "office appropriate" and share these looks with you on my blog.

Today I wore a new over-sized sweater I bought recently from Charlotte Russe! It's so comfy!!

Sweater Charlotte Russe (Fall 2013, $24.99) // Collared shirt (underneath) H&M (Fall 2012) // Jeans Kohl's: SO ($8, 50% off + Coupon) // Boots Weat Seal

Underneath my sweater, I wore a white shirt with a sequined Peter Pan collar to add some sparkle to my look. Peter Pan collars were everywhere last Fall, and to be honest, I'm not seeing them nearly as much this year! This is obviously not keeping me from breaking it out of my closet!

Tomorrow is Halloween! I almost considered wearing this sweater tomorrow with some leopard cat ears and (possibly) a tail to wear as my "costume"! However, I decided that no, this sweater is not meant to be a costume! Leopard print is a now I have no idea what to wear for Halloween. I have the rest of the night to figure it out--and to make some yummy treats for tomorrow's potluck! I'll post a picture of them on my blog tomorrow if they turn out pretty. :)

Thank you for reading!! :)

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