Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My "Between Seasons" Mashup

Hi there!

This will be a really quick post! So it's already October 8 (Happy 88th birthday, Grandma!!), and it's STILL over 90 degrees outside! This makes it a little difficult to fully transition into seasonal wear for the Fall! Today, my outfit was basically a mash up of a dark, gray, perfect-for-Fall sweater thrown over a light, thin, it-still-feels-like-Summer maxi dress. I made it work by belting the sweater so it didn't hang too loosely over the dress. To tie it all together, I added a scarf that is the same shade of blue as the print on the bottom of my dress!

Sweater, Scarf, Belt, & Dress Wet Seal (2009-2011ish) // Shoes Target (Winter 2013, $3 Clearance)

The sweater has cool buttons in the back that make this top pretty unique! (Oh look, my tag was sticking out all day. . .cool.)

I painted a couple of my finger nails with a dark purple nail polish, and then I ran out of the polish in that bottle! Instead of wiping it off and starting fresh, I grabbed a different shade of dark purple and just continued painting the rest of my hand! I asked my husband if he could tell a difference between the two shades, and he says he can't! Mwhahahaha. I can honestly only tell a difference between the shades of purple in direct sunlight. I am glad I was able to use up as much as I could of the original bottle! I just won't let anybody look too closely at my hands outside. ;)

Thank you for reading!! :)

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