Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leopard Print and Layers of Lace

Hi there!

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work, Katy Perry's song "Roar" was in my head. I decided to match my outfit to the song! I don't have a Tiger costume, but I do have a leopard print shirt!

Top Georgiou (Summer 2013, storewide BOGO 1/2 off) // Cardigan H&M (Spring 2012) // Necklace and bracelets Charlotte Russe (Fall 2013, $10.99, $3 ) // Skirt Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Shoes DSW: Jessica Simpson (Summer 2013)

I love how the orange necklace pops against the leopard print! It "roars"! ;)

Keeping the leopard print top buttoned up to my neck kept the shirt appropriate enough for work, and pairing it with the bright necklace made the outfit fun!

After work, I went to my friend's place and we watched "The 5 Year Engagement". It was my first time seeing it, and I love it! It's such a cute little love story! Plus, I think Jason Segal is just hilarious.

Today I wore a very girly outfit. Layers of lace. Ruffles. Pearls. Bows. Sparkles. Pink. The 10 year old tomboy in me was screaming "Nooooo!" ;)

Today is October 24, and the high was NINETY DEGREES. When it's that warm, the best thing to layer is some lightweight lace!

I love matching pink and navy blue together. They complement each other very well.

After work today, Michael and I went to the Gelato Spot (pumpkin spice gelato is where it's at!!!!), and stopped by the local Goodwill. We didn't stay very long, and I had some luck! I got these 3 tops, $5.99 each:

Banana Republic // Gap // Old Navy

What shops do you recommend thrifting at?

Thank you for reading!! :)

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