Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Girls Night Out" Event!

Hi there!

Tonight, I went to a "Girls Night Out" hosted at a local mall with my friend, Megan! [Check out her Youtube channel at Pretty Colorful Videos for beauty, makeup, and other awesomeness!! :)] We entered a couple of raffles, met Meagan from Scarletta Bakes, ate yummy brown sugar cookies, and, of course, did some shopping! I bought a black leather jacket and oversized sweater from Charlotte Russe that I can't wait to wear!

Sweater Forever 21 (Old) // Jeans Macy's: Silver Jeans Co (Winter 2013) // Moccasins DSW: Minnetonka ($7.96, Clearance + 2 Member "Rewards" Coupons // Bracelet Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013)

I wanted to dress up and wear a cute dress because, you know, the event was called "Girls Night Out". Well, remember Monday when I complained about my knee? Yeah, I'm rocking an Ace bandage around it right now. I am so thankful that I was able to go out tonight at all, but I wasn't thrilled at the idea of wearing a dress with my knee wrap showing. I ended up wearing some loose jeans and a sweater. This isn't my favorite outfit, but that's OK. I've had this sweater from Forever 21 for years! I have no idea when I bought it, but it's one of my favorite sweaters in my closet!

Since I didn't get very dressed up, I decided I wanted to do my hair. The only problem is. . .I am miserable with hair. I attempted to do a fishtail braid about 5 times before I went to my fallback hairstyle:

Voila! This takes about 2 seconds total.

Since my hair was pulled back, the buttons on the shoulder of my sweater were able to show. It's a small detail but is one of my favorite parts of this top!

And to finish the look? Well, you know what they say. . .the best accessory a girl can have is her smile. ;) I was just so happy I was able to go out tonight! I was really considering going to urgent care yesterday, and I am so grateful that my knee is feeling much better today! :)

What hairstyles do you do on the go? I will take any tips! I would really love to learn how to style my hair. :)

Thank you for reading!! :)

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