Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bows and Pearls

Hi there!

Before I talk about what I wore to work today, I need to give a little disclaimer.

You see, my husband gets so concerned when I wear the colors black and yellow together. He gets upset at the thought of someone taking a look at my outfit and thinking to themselves "Hmmm, that girl is wearing black and yellow. Together. She must be a STEELERS FAN!!!" (Insert scream and dramatic music.)

Apparently, you can't be a Steelers fan if you're a Cardinals fan because of a Super Bowl that took place a few years ago. So, just so I don't cause any confusion: Go Cards go. Yay Cardinals. This family bleeds Cardinal Red. Woooooo.

Contrary to what Michael believes, I am not thinking about football when I get dressed in the morning. (Does anyone? :P OK, besides on Game Day. I guess.) When I got dressed this morning, I was thinking more about channeling Audrey Hepburn. Or perhaps one of the women from Mad Men. (One of my favorite shows!! I haven't seen any of Season 6! Hurry up Netflix!!!)

 Dress with belt H&M (Spring 2012) // Necklace Charlotte Russe (Spring 2013) // Heels Wet Seal (2007-ish?)

If you saw my post from yesterday, you will remember I wore a bow belt that I said came with a different dress. This is the dress! I love the flare of the skirt! I feel so "retro" when I wear it. :) I also wore a pair of pearl earrings and this pearl necklace. I brightened the outfit up with my bright yellow heels. If I would have had enough time, I would have thrown my hair up in a bun to look completely polished.

Double the bows, double the fun!

I am wearing a super simple outfit to Small Group tonight. I know that it's technically past Labor Day. And I know that means I'm not "supposed" to wear white. But hear me out--when I went to the dentist this afternoon the thermometer in my car read 107 degrees. Yeah, I'm wearing white shorts.

 Shirt Wet Seal // Necklace Gift // Cami Charlotte Russe // Sandals DSW: Unisa (Spring 2013) // Shorts Kohl's: SO (Summer 2013, 50% off)

Oh, and PS? In case it wasn't clear. . . .


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