Friday, September 6, 2013

Casual Friday 9/6

Hi there!

Tonight after work, my husband and I baked some ziti for dinner together, and then settled onto the couch to watch a couple episodes of Once Upon a Time. I don't watch a lot of TV, but we're both hooked onto this show and have been catching up on episodes through Netflix. It sounds like a pretty crazy Friday night, I know!

My outfit today made me feel a little boho. I was really wishing I had a headband to wear across the front of my head to complete my outfit, but then I remembered I really do not like the way I look in them! Some lucky girls can pull it off so well. . .not me!

Top Goodwill: Banana Republic // Jeans Kohl's: SO (Summer 2013, $8) // Flats The Cinnamon Stick: Tom's (Summer 2013, Clearance) // Necklace Charming Charlie (Summer 2013, $13, came with matching earrings)

The sleeves on this top are so fun! They are definitely what drew me to this top in the first place.To complete the outfit, I wore bright pink accessories to coordinate with the pink design in the shirt. The necklace is from Charming Charlie. This store is full of cute, affordable jewelry! Plus, the entire store is color-coordinated. It makes me giddy every time I walk in there. I usually head straight to the pink section right away!

The flats are Tom's. I found them in a fun little boutique in Indiana last summer while visiting my Grandma! It's the best feeling to find cute shoes on clearance when you least expect it! ;)

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