Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Like Red Shoes :)

Hi there!

One style I've really come to like the past few years is nautical! I live in the middle of a desert, and have been on a sailboat literally one time in my life, but I just love the look of red and navy blue and stripes and anchors! Plus, it doesn't hurt to daydream about living by the sea. ;) Today I brought a little bit of "nautical" to the office by wearing this red and blue striped shirt from H&M and pairing it with a pencil skirt and statement necklace.

Shirt H&M (Summer 2012) // Skirt with belt Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Necklace Wet Seal (Fall 2011) // Shoes (I don't remember!)

I had never tried wearing a t-shirt with a pencil skirt before, but I really like how it turned out! Plus, it was super comfortable!

Purse Francesca's (Spring 2012)

I bought these shoes for my Homecoming Dance my sophomore year of high school. That means they are almost 8 years old. . . .yikes! (How old does something need to be before it's considered "vintage"? :P) I got them in a small shoe store at the mall, but I don't remember where! I've hardly worn them since that dance, but I am happy I found them in my closet recently. There's just something about red shoes that make such a statement!

I'm currently on the lookout for a pair of red flats. I used to have a pair that I had to throw out earlier this year because they were so worn out.

It's finally cooling down enough to start taking walks after dinner again! Michael and I took our first walk of the season tonight. :) I love having a little time in the evening free of any distractions to just talk to each other about our day--and to get a little exercise to work off our dinner! ;)

Thank you for stopping by! :)

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