Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shoulder Pads

Hi there!

Today I finished reading: The Catcher in the Rye! I'd read it before a few years ago, but now that I'm older I think I understood it a little better. I had forgotten how funny it was! I was inspired to read it again when I saw the trailer for the J.D. Salinger movie that is coming out later this year.

Today I felt like Barbie because I was wearing:

Top Goodwill: Bleyle // Skirt (Came with belt) Forever 21 (Spring 2012) // Peep-Toe Heels DSW: Jessica Simpson (Summer 2013) // Earrings Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, pack of 3 for $1.99)

I am obsessed with the hot pink color of this shirt, AND the fact that each of the gold buttons on the shoulders have little anchors on them. I wore gold earrings to match that look like suns. I thought of them as miniature suns rising over an ocean of pink that holds 6 little golden anchors! Clearly I hadn't had any coffee to drink yet as I was getting dressed this morning.

This shirt also has shoulder pads! I've never, ever worn shoulder pads until I bought this shirt. They're not severely sharp or anything, but they're definitely noticeable. I got this shirt from Goodwill, so I do not know how old it is. I remember shoulder pads came back briefly a year or two ago? I love the color and I love the buttons, so who cares if the shoulder pads are "off-trend"? Maybe I'll try to bring them back. ;)

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