Monday, September 16, 2013

Oxblood - Prettier Than It Sounds

 Hi there!

Doesn't "Oxblood" sound like one of the creepiest colors that you've ever heard? It was a very popular color last Fall, and when I first heard of it, I thought "Ew gross that sounds horrible!" Then I actually saw the color, and I fell in love!  It is such a deep, beautiful color and I just think it looks so luxurious! I'm happy to be seeing it pop up all over the place again this year.  I bought this dress last Fall from H&M, and it's one of my favorite dresses to wear to work!

Dress H&M (Fall 2012) // Belt H&M (came with separate dress) // Heels DSW: Jessica Simpson (Summer 2013) // Earrings Forever 21 (Spring 2012)

By itself, the dress is pretty plain. I added a cute bow belt to it that originally came with a different dress from H&M. (Can you tell it's one of my favorite stores?!) Cinched at the waist, the belt is the perfect addition to this dress! (Fun fact: This was a pretty cheap belt, and the buckle broke right away. :( I've been using a safety pin to hold it together all year. Hey, it works!) To complete the look, I wore a pair of black peep-toe pumps.

I chose a pair of gold and pale pink earrings, simply based on the fact that I like how these colors look against the oxblood.

The sunset tonight was so beautiful! I tried taking a picture on my phone, but it doesn't do the colors nearly enough justice. The sky looked like sherbert!

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