Sunday, September 8, 2013

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Hi there!

It sure was rainy this morning when I woke up! Autumn is not quite here yet, but it is definitely around the corner! I was on Pinterest a few weeks ago and found a pin that showed how to transition a maxi dress from summer to fall by layering it with a cardigan and scarf. I wanted to take advantage of today's weather and try it out for myself!

Dress Earthbound Trading Company (Spring 2013, there was a sale going on I just can't remember what it was) // Cardigan American Eagle // Scarf Gift // Belt H&M--came with a different dress // Boots Charlotte Russe (Summer 2013, $7.99) // Earrings World Market

I have felt comfy and cozy in this outfit all day long! Is it guy approved? My husband said there's too much going on, but his friend told me I look "very nice" today. So there you have it: results from my (very) unofficial poll are. . . . .50% of men dig it!

 I borrowed the cardigan from my sister, and this morning I realized it has pockets. Sorry Amy, you might not be getting this back! ;)

This outfit was super easy to put together, and I already can't wait to try it out with some of my other dresses this season! I'm excited to experiment with some different colors and patterns. I really like how all of the colors in this outfit worked well with each other.

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